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Mowing, weed-eating, edging and blowing

Lawn mowing is a frequent chore and keeps your lawn trim and neat. From basic mowing, edging and clearing of debris to annual landscape maintenance we can develop a plan that fits your budget and specific needs.

Aeration, over-seeding

Core aeration allows oxygen and water to easily soak into the soil and allows over seeding to come in contact with the ground. This rejuvenates your lawn and is a key ingredient to keep your lawn healthy all year long.

Flower bed design and maintenance

Flowers add color to landscape and can be designed by budget, theme or preference. Existing flowerbeds can be maintained or revitalized to give a burst of color to enhance your landscape.

Mulch/pine straw

This is material used to cover soil for moisture conservation and weed suppression. use of pine straw or mulch which comes in several colors along with edging of beds enhances the curb appeal of your property.


Your yard is a living thing and understanding the importance of a great lawn and the need to regularly keep up with maintenance will make your property look attractive all year long.

Irrigation services

Irrigation simply put is watering your lawn. We provide repair or adjustments to your system to keep it operating at its best. Water is a another key ingredient to a healthy green lawn.